Wedding Roles and Responsibilities…

It’s important to let the individual members of your bridal party know their duties and responsibilities for your special day whilst you are planning. I recommend a month or two before the wedding, get your bridal party around for a pizza night. During that talk to them on some of their assigned roles below so that you know your day will run smoothly.

Bride and Groom:
Decide the date and type of wedding and book church / register office / venue
Compile the guest list in consulatation with both sets of parents

Chooses best man and ushers
Chooses his wedding attire
Makes speech at reception in reply to brides father.

Bride and Bride’s mother:
Organise the reception arrangements
Make any newspaper annoucements.
Send out invitations 2 to 3 moths in advance
Arrange cars and photographer/video
Arrange flowers for the church

Brides Father:
Escorts bride to the church
Gives Bride away
Makes first speech at reception.

Chooses her bridesmaids
Chooses her dress and advises her bridesmaids on theirs
Writes thank you letters for wedding presents as they arrive.

Best Man:
Consults with Bride’s family to keep up to date on arrangements
Arranges ‘stag’night (never on the eve of the wedding)
Makes sure the Groom arrives on time.
Organises the Ushers
Pays all fees on behalf of the groom before the ceremony
Takes care of ring(s) and pass to Vicar/minister at appropriate time.
Ensures all guests have transport to the reception
Makes any annoucements at reception to ensure everything flows smoothly, unless a toastmaster is engaged
Makes speech in reply to Grooms toast.
Returns any hired outfits.

Chief Bridesmaid:
Arranges the ‘hen’ night (never on the eve of the wedding)
Helps Bride dress and organises the other Bridesmaids.
At the church, waits for the Bride to arrive and makes sure other Bridesmaids are in their right places, especially th every young ones.
Holds the Brides bouquet during the service.
Helps Bride change into going-away outfit and takes care of wedding dress.

Ushers (one from each family)
Greet guests at the church.
Show guests to their seats.

Ushers Assitants (usually two)
Hand out service sheets and buttonholes.


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