Wedding Flowers…

Flowers are the finishing touch to every wedding, be it a small or large affair, when you visit your florist, be prepared to take along any fabric swatches from yours and your bridesmaids dresses.

Many beautiful flowers are available year around, but if you are working within a budget, choose those that are in season and be guided by your florist.

The shape and style of your bouquet is equally important dependant on the style of your dress – and your shape! if you are small avoid opting for an enormous bouquet; if tall a tiny posy will look out of place. Flowers in your hair look particularly attractive and if you are considering this, in consultation with your hairdresser, don’t forget that much of your back will be seen during the service.

Here is a flower checklist for you, talk to the church to see what is/is not available, whether or not it is needed and talk to your florist on what’s the recommend items to go for below, also if you are moving flowers from church to reception, enlist one of your bridal party members to handle the moving of the flowers back to the reception – you want to get your moneys worth!

Flower Checklist

:: Bridal party ::
Bride’s bouquet
Brides headdress
Bridesmaids’ bouquets
Bridesmaids’ headdresses
Groom and attendants buttonholes
Mothers’ corsages

:: Church ::
Pew ends
Chancel steps
Church entrance

:: Reception ::
Buffet table
Dining tables
Cake Table


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