Wedding Videos and things to check with the Church

Wedding videos are fast becoming an integral part of a typical modern day weddings. Wedding videos complement the tradition wedding album and together ensure that you have a complete memento of your day

If you are marrying in church, you should:

Check with the church if videos are allowed to be used inside during the ceremony
What fees will be involved for the use o f videos inside the church. Most churched will charge for this to cover the organist under the performers protection act 1958 & 1972.

Video recording of church services will be covered by a CCL License held by the church. Whilst some churches hold this license,it will be necessary for you to check with the vicar or minister. If they do not make sure your video operator holds this license.
Spacebar can handle all the  details of this and provide you with a Wedding Video-Recording License and pass this onto your church, we obtain the appropriate certification to ensure the legal aspect of your wedding video is covered. 

What is it?
The Wedding Video-Recording Licence is a simple and convenient way to ensure you have complied with copyright law. It provides permission, on behalf of the copyright owners, for all the music you are likely to use in creating the video of your wedding day.

Why do I need it?
Whenever music is performed or recorded, copyright is involved. The law requires that permission be obtained in advance from the copyright owners and the appropriate fees paid.
Weddings and receptions are no exception. When they are filmed or video-recorded, any music used during the event or overdubbed afterwards, whether live or from a commercial sound recording, is protected by copyright.

What does the licence cover?
If you are planning to video your wedding service, your reception and perhaps an evening disco, then you need to think about copyright issues. For example, will the person making the video be recording the following?:
The hymns and worship songs sung during the service.
Any music or songs performed live while you are signing the register.
Any music from a commercial CD, DVD or tape whilst filming (or over-dubbed afterwards).
The performance of a live band at the reception.
Any music played at a disco.



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