Have your cake and eat it?

Cakes are delicious! Some think they are a requirement, some think they are an added expense, but for one of the most memorable days of your life, surely it deserves a truly memorable wedding Cake?

Wedding cakes are works of art, both inside and out. They’re also a costly business as it takes time to make and decorate a cake. However competition is good as cake makers battle it out with each other and even the big supermarkets producing off the shelf wedding cakes which you can personalise and decorate.

Wedding cakes are something special, not only great for the photos and enjoying the taste but we feel it’s one of the important centrepieces of your day. Imagine the cake being displayed throughout your wedding breakfast meal reflecting your style and themes from your day and then what better way to have a grand opening to your reception where all eyes will be on it, especially when you and your groom cut the first slice and then taken away to be cut up by your caterers for everyone to enjoy.

Hiring the right wedding baker is the key to creating a beautiful and delicious wedding cake but where do you start? Calling in favours from friends and family is always nice and personal. There are always members (who may be bakers) in the family who would love to create a beautiful wedding cake for your day (which will be very cheap too) but if you don’t have any cake bakers then I’d suggest this order:

    1) family members
    2) word of mouth/recommendations/someone they know
    3) Local shops that are nearby to you/the venue
    4) Wedding fairs, always 2/3 firms that show off their products and tasting 
    5) the web

From our experiences at wedding fairs and previous clients cakes, realistic expectations for cakes range from £150 to £600.

Once you’ve found your cake designer/baker and have an idea of your budgets, then take a look at these must ask questions:

– Do you customize cakes, or are there designs I can choose from?
– What flavours and fillings are available?
– What about dietary restrictions — can you make cakes that are kosher, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free?
– How far in advance do I need to order my cake?
– Who will make my cake?
– How many wedding cakes does the baker make each weekend, on average?
– What is the cost per slice?
– Are there different prices depending on the design of the cake or the flavours?
– How will the baker deliver the cake and is there any extra charge for delivery?
– Will the baker preserve the top tier for my first anniversary? Or will they supply me with a top tier on my first anniversary?
– How much is the deposit I’ll need to leave?
– When is the balance due?
– Does the baker have a license to make cakes?
– Can I look at photos of cakes they’ve designed?
– Does the baker offer a cake tasting session? Is there a charge? How many people can come to the tasting?
– If I’m not getting married in the same town, will the baker ship my cake to the wedding destination?
– Will the baker use real or sugar flowers?
– Will the baker speak with my florist to make sure their details match?
– Will the baker supply a cake topper for me?
– Will the baker supply me with a cake stand, cake knife and server? Are there extra charges for these items?

Some history on wedding cakes

Royal Wedding

The coolest wedding cakes

Spacebar productions is partial to a bit of a wedding cake, there’s nothing better than at the end of a fantastic day to build up sugar levels and nibble on a bit of cake. We’ve seen (and eaten!) a fair few over the years – here’s a few pics we took along the way:


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