Questions to ask your venue


SPACEBAR have been to many halls and venues along with clients scouting for ideal wedding reception locations. We’ve seen receptions held in stately homes, mansion houses, large and small hotels, banqueting halls, social clubs and even in the back garden of celebrity houses. The type of venue you choose depends on your budget and how many people you wish to invite to the wedding reception.

In all the situations that we’ve seen, common themes crop up and it’s important to understand the significance of areas that could cause concerns for your special day.

It’s wise to ensure the venue is close enough to the church / place of worship / registry office. This may be les of a problem if the facility of a civil marriage on the premises is offered so your guests will find it easy, particularly if the area is unknown to them and you wouldn’t want them getting lost/stuck in traffic which could have an impact of the running of the day. Its a must to check for the last thing on your mind – adequate parking for your guests

Once you’ve identified favourite venues that you like the look of which match your style and budgets, take a look at some of the questions below to ask them what they can do for you. Looking and Booking venues should be your number 1 priority…many venues get booked months and almost years in advance.

Its also important to understand that the management, although perform weddings every week, are they on your side, so ask them as many questions as you wish – that’s why they are there.

So lets start with some checklists…



– give them a copy of the day timings for them to keep for their records.

– What’s the decor like? Do any areas require any tidying up (i.e windows/building paint/cobwebs?) no harm in asking that your day should all look crisp and clean and no building work planned around the date. Ask them if there will be any planned refurbishments and whether it will impact on your day.

– Make sure you visit the venue and spend good time looking around? Remember that the camera does lie, and rooms can look very different in real life than they do in photos. Have a good walk around and when you meet with us at the venue, you can show us  areas that you like so we can include that in our photo shoots.

– Will you have to spend a lot of money on flowers and decorations to make it beautiful?

– Do they have an in-house caterer, and do you like that food? While an in-house caterer makes things easier, and usually cheaper, sometimes the hall can be beautiful, but the food – well? See if you can get some food tasting organised, most venues insist you try their chefs food out so we recommend you spend some time in this areas.

– If you don’t like the food – Do they have a limitation on which caterers you can use?

– Do they have adequate coat check and bathroom facilities?

– Do a search on the web for venue reviews, is there anything that strikes you that they could improve on/ have bad reviews on, chances are that the venue have very goo explanations for negatives reviews so don’t dismiss them.

– Is the wedding coordinator open to your needs?


– Do they have an alcohol license?

– Will they allow you to bring your own drinks/wine?, if not why not?

– Check out the prices at the bar? Some venues like to raise their bar prices in order to maximize the profits from wedding parties, but too-high prices can mean disgruntled guests. For example, ask them how much a large coke will cost. If it’s unreasonable to you then most likely will be unreasonable for your guests too.


– Have you arranged transport between the church and reception venue

– What’s the cancellation policy?

– Is there a payment schedule? What kind of deposits are required?

– Are there any hidden costs? Before you sign the contract, read it carefully.

– What are the overtime charges? Is there a limit, what happens at close time, is there a bar guests can retreat to?

– Is there room for a band and/or dancing? Our meetingS will determine space but find out from the venue where they usually get the band/dj setup – please remind them that a projector screen will be used and assume they are flexible in the flow of guests and movement of tables/chairs for the room

– Is there a space for the bride and groom to change and/or relax? Do they have a bridal suite / where is it/ are you happy with it

– Where will you take photographs? – the venue scout with you both will help save you time when we meet

– Where will you take photographs if it’s raining? – ask the venue what happens when it rains, what’s their plan B

– Who will be supervising and troubleshooting before the day of your wedding?

– Who will be supervising and troubleshooting on the day of your wedding? Can you meet them now? How do trunkwell house work/how many staff/waiters are you expecting.

– Make sure you speak to the staff who is likely to be on duty during your wedding (or at least to the person responsible for providing staff), and satisfied yourself that they seem friendly and professional?

– Where can your guests park?

– Are there extra fees for parking?

– What are the Noise restrictions, particularly if held in a residential area, is there sound limiters/what are the obstructions if any?

– Any Licensing laws?

– What is their Disabled access to the venue, if you have guests who require this

– Opening and closing hours

– Whether overnight accommodation is available; if so, are there any restrictions on who can stay

– When is check in/check out time

– Can they recommend local list of taxi drivers

– Are there any discounts for your guests

– Make sure you know what is (and not) included in the price!

– What provisions can they help with/make for children, TV/DVD, Bouncy Castle, Recreational activities, what options do they have..


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