Weddings at Ufton Court


Ufton court is a beautiful and tranquil place to have your wedding. SPACEBAR have performed there many times as well as attended several weddings there as guests. The pictures below is an example of a previous wedding that SPACEBAR provided services for.

We provided the following services for this wedding:

CIVIL CEREMONY PACK – This is the working with you to provide the  music the the civil ceremony, in which music for the 4 parts are required. That is the PRELUDE (the music that gets played as your guests arrive into the barn and relax). The PROCESSIONAL  (music for your grand entrance), SIGNING OF THE REGISTRY (music that occurs during the period where the officiates book is signed and photos are taken. THE RECESSIONAL (music for when you walk out,

IDJ WEDDING DISCO PACK – This pack is designed for couples who wish to have their own music playing as opposed to having an onsite DJ. Your playlist requests are sorted in ‘DISCO’ order by us and then inserted into the touchscreen system. The music is then played throughout the day and evening also allowing guests to insert their fav tunes. The system is ideal to have playing music during the meal and includes wireless mics for when you need the speeches to be heard. Ufton court with it’s long barn requires a PA system so that your guests can hear the music as well as the speeches.

MOOD LIGHTING PACK – This pack creates nice colour wash effects along the walls to create a good party atmosphere

Here is a breakdown of timings and events and where our services were utilised during Claire and Pauls wedding day.

1:30pm: – Start of wedding ceremony music, while guests are walking in

2:00pm: – Civil ceremony starts – bridal entrance music is played as bridal party enters

Claire walking in with her father – Bridal processional: her grand entrance is played when she enters the room and faded away smoothly as she approaches the registrar.


2:30pm – Signing of the registry and music for this period is played

Here Claire and Paul are signing the register to confirm their new husband and wife status. This can often take some time while the book is being signed by the bridal party and witnesses (often around 15/20) minutes. Having some music selected by the bride and groom is a good way to kill the silence in the air and make guests feel relaxed and for them to enjoy the ceremony.


2:45pm – Bridal recessional: This is when the couple walk out from the ceremony with music that is uplifting and energetic – really wakes guests up and preps them for the next part of the day – having music is a good talking point and makes all your guests feel at ease that the whole day is being run smoothly. The whole ceremony can last from 25mins to 45 minutes. Our Civil ceremony pack gives you all the resources, music and equipment you need to make this work for you.


3pm to 4pm – While guests are outside on the grounds, the venue are turning the room around ready for the wedding breakfast meal. This is the time SPACEBAR reposition lighting, sound system ready before guests come back into the room. In the picture below, you can see our iDJ system setup in the dancing areas of the barn. We have positioned lighting around the room as well to help create a great atmosphere in preparation for the evening reception. The lighting is not turned on during the day.

4pm: Guests are coming back into the barn and background music is playing


6pm: Speeches start: Our IDJ system is the perfect addition the afternoon. The system comes complete with an appropriate PA system for Ufton Court and includes two wireless microphones for speeches. Its needed so that all the guests can hear the bridal party speeches


7pm: End of Speeches and time to turn on the lighting and get the DISCO going. In the picture below, you can see the system is playing music for the early part of the evening just before the 1st dance, great time for the kids to have their slot




8pm: Start of the First dance:

Claire and Paul chose the iDJ system because it did not have a cheesey DJ and wanted control over the music. Straightforward to use, their music has been put into the system and the best ones which are appropriate for the evening reception gets played into a music order. The system works perfect alongside bands and has everything you need for a great party. Powerful sound system, fantastic disco lighting, smoke machine and lighting.



The party continues well into the night


12pm: Evening close – Spacebar arrive to close the party and pack up the system.

Photos by:


“Thank you for your help, the lights, the sound and the IDJ system was perfect for our wedding party”

Claire and Paul


Here is a typical package including all the details of what we provided for this wedding.

Civil ceremony pack –
Wedding day pack – (equipment hire)
iDJ pack –
Extended lighting pack –
BOSE PA System 
iDJ Digital Mixer
Wireless Microphone for speeches/announcements
IPod (as backup with your playlist programmed (tunes from your wedding rsvp playlist)
Touchscreen Jukebox system – we will create 2 playlists in here (one for wedding breakfast and one for evening reception) NO MC/DJ onsite
Smoke machine and controller w/fluids (all ready to go)
Lighting (*amended) 
Blue led Starcloth lighting
Appropriate cables/extensions/stands/tripod/RCD
1 pack x 50 Glo sticks
Setup/collection from 6 to 12am
+ Extended sound and lighting pack (4 parcan uplighters, *additional subwoofer, *additional disco lights)
PLi (Public liability insurance) included (required and supplied to your venue)
And help with your playlist advice and assistance 
Breakdown of these quotes
[12hours hire with 4 hours onsite presence]
                Civil ceremony pack
                IDJ pack (details above)
                + additional time for travel
                + additional time (during wedding breakfast period (1pm to 6pm)
                + upgraded sound subwoofer for barn
                + additional dance floor lighting upgrade for wedding event
                + extended lighting pack, 4 uplighters to light up around the barn with associated cables

Total = £545 (the quote includes 5 FREE hours preplanning time on your event (venue previsit/playlist creation/civil ceremony preparations)

please contact us if you’d like something similar for your events


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