True cost of time in wedding videography

Following on from my post on the true cost of time spent on a clients wedding photography. I thought I’d follow suit and explain spacebar’s time on wedding videography.

Here is a breakdown of the time and effort involved in producing a wedding video that has to last for generations. The below is from a recent client project and what goes into their wedding video production.

The basic premise of a wedding video is to:

1- Take video
2- capture, edit and compile the video
3- build DVD structure and menus

30 mins – drive to venue for a client pre wedding meet
30 mins – preshoot video – flying using our copter to capture some great scenes
30 mins – drive back from venue
15 mins – convert gopro footage preshoot to disk
30 mins – post production work on preshoot

1 hr – check batteries, equipment and tapes

30 mins – drive to venue for wedding day
10 hrs – wedding day attendance and recording (approx. 7hours of tape)
30 mins – drive from venue

POST PRODUCTION – this is where the magic happens

Stage1: Collect all assets

2hrs – capture go pro footage from all cameras
15mins – capture audio from vows/ceremony from digital microphones

60mins – basic trim, crop, cut on all go pro footage and HD processing
15mins – microphone normalisation (balancing audio levels on microphones)

6hrs – capture raw footage from HD Digital Video cameras and all tapes

Photography edit* – 10 hrs correctional and digital enhancement for photo images

Stage2: Sort and order

2hrs – Sorting all video and audio from cameras to relevant scenes and digital synchronisation of tracks/audio normalisation
15mins – copying all wedding image files and sort into relevant sections of the day.

15mins – assessing video footage and sort in appropriate edit order for ceremony chapter

Stage3: Edit 

3 hrs. – editing ceremony chapter with photos (takes approx. 1hr per minute for 3.5min segment

15mins – assessing video footage and sort in appropriate edit order for speeches chapter
1hr – cutting out irrelevant footage from multiple cameras (15mins x 4 cameras)

3.5hrs – *editing ceremony footage

30mins – editing mingling footage
4hrs  – editing mingling footage (segment = 4mins)

4 hrs.  – editing speeches footage

3.5 hrs. – editing reception footage

3hr – editing montage (highlights)

1hr – editing montage (highlights) photos 

Stage4: Render

30mins – final wedding video render (post edit adding track mattes, vignettes, glows, video smoothing)
        **rendering – 1h 30min video equals 240 mins average CPU processing time

Stage5: Create DVD Menus

30mins – building main menu, post edit graphics to add softening and effects, apply song selection from playlist

15mins – building slideshow menu, post edit graphics to crop, convert, apply song selection from playlist

1hr – building video menu, edit of animated thumbnail clips from wedding video, cropping and blue screen
        **rendering time for HD menus – 30mins

Stage6: Export
1hr – Slideshows reconvert and edit into HD – 4 slideshows x 15mins each
30mins – export to HD

2 hrs – Export main video and highlights

Stage7: Encode

10 hrs – CPU intensive encoding time for all video elements.

Stage8: Build DVD Structure

30mins building DVD structure and frame indexing videos with chapter creation

Stage9: Create DVD packaging Graphics and despatch

1.5 hrs. – creating DVD packaging – cropping, sharpening, enhancing images ready for DVD cover
            – creating disc 2 structure, gathering all data files to be put onto disc 2
            – ***export highlights and video to digital video files

1.5hrs – print front and back DVD covers, DVD labels
            – check with client on covers and highlight review
            – uploading montages and screen shots to blog for review
            – burn DVD and Data images
            – wrapping and packaging

            – complete then despatch

Stage10: Post-corrections (if any)

1hr – minor adjustments and re-corrections
            – **re-export to digital file (150mins)
            – re-encoding to compressed files (30mins)
            – recompile to DVD image (15mins)
            – burn to DVD image (15mins)
            – reprint labels (5mins)
            – package and despatch (15mins)
*edit – means multiple camera clip cuts, splicing, audio edits (volume mixing), photo edits (editors choice that depicts emotion in clip), transitions between clips, syncing, animations, synchronizing audio and video to timing of section, slideshow video encoding
**rendering – means CPU video processing for final video HD output (non chargeable but still takes required time)
***encoding – means processing time to compress large digital video files ready for DVD


I hope the above gives you an insight as to what many video editors do in the studio to make a quality, watchable and entertaining video. Wedding videos need to last for generations and spacebar spends the above time to ensure you’ll have a video you’ll be proud to watch again and again.

The above works out to be upto 70 hours+ spent on making wedding video


~ by spacebar on September 30, 2013.

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