The Big Change….YOU and your NEW name.

Its traditional for the bride to take her husband’s surname in place of her own after marriage and in the UK around 85% of women still choose to take this option. Its not a legal requirement for you or your partner to change your name when you marry, it’s just a matter of personal choice.

Once you’ve decided on the name change and practiced your signature, you’ll need to let all the important organizations know about it.

You should let anyone holding personal records about you (DVLA, Banks, Utility company, passport etc) about this so all your records will be filed up to date.

Here is a checklist of who to tell when you change your name:
Building society / other savings accounts
Credit cards & store cards
Charities you support
Doctor / dentist
DVLA – driving licence and vehicle registration
HM Revenue and Customs
Identity and Passport Service
Investments and share holdings
Internet service provider
Insurance – car, buildings, contents, travel, medical, pet
Loans, student loans
Land Registry
Local authorities
Mortgage provider
Motoring organisations
National Insurance
Pension provider
Professional institutes
Telephone – land line and mobile

Mail order companies
TV Licence
Utility companies- gas, water, electricity

How do I notify these organisations?
Many of them will request a letter from you and they may ask for your previous and new signatures before amendments to your records are made. Most will also require to see your marriage certificates. It’s advised to have order a good supply of copies of your marriage certificate and these can be obtained from your Register Office or church official. If you change your name by Deed Poll you can order certified copies at the same time as applying for your name change.


~ by spacebar on October 11, 2013.

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