Entertainment pack (premium)

Please find details of our premium entertainment pack:

An Impressive and unique disco specially designed for weddings, to create the perfect mood and atmosphere for your evening reception. A joint MC and DJ team to create a fun and entertainment wedding disco that your guests will surely never forget.

  • Pre-planning time with venue/home visits to gather music, photo and preparation for your event

All music programming collected and compiled to be played throughout the evening reception.

  • Professional MC and DJ team to create an entertaining reception/disco till evening close (12am). POA for extended hours.
  • Appropriate sound and lighting system designed around your venue
  • Creating the right party environment with fantastic lighting and sound-to-light effects used throughout reception party    engaging in lively dancing.
  • Formal announcements to 1st dances, cake cutting ceremony, you discuss level of atmosphere you wish to create.
  • Professional MC and DJ team to create an entertaining reception/disco till evening close (12am). POA for extended hours.
  • Playlists welcomed – you can personalise your music for your wedding reception party, your music – your style including all guests requests
  • Photo’s of you and your partner as children are projected onto a screen, Friends and memories slideshows (*plus Wedding day slideshows)
  • Three professional and creatively edited slideshows included – Young Bride, Young Groom, Friend and memories slideshow (with pictures included from the *wedding preshoot). (previous wedding video playlists)

You supply the photos, we handle the rest including photo scanning, colour corrected and digitally enhanced to be used for presentation on high-definition video displays. Slideshows development equates to around 1hr for 1minutes and animations and transitions are created to make the slideshows look professional and entertaining to watch. All music is and timing is synced with the flow and ambience of the photo show.

  • Hi quality and entertaining show with BOSE professional sound systems.
  • Lighting equipment – 2 tripods provided with upto 8 lights installed on rig. The lights on the rig are a combination of moving heads, spot washes, moon flower effects and blue lasers.
  • Lighting equipment continued – on the ground is a further 2 further moving heads, 2x mirror ball light and 3 uplighters to light the DJ areas. The above lighting is used technically throughout the reception to create several moods for the evening reception. For example – first dance/romantic looks, hi-energy lighting and sound to light which all enhance the atmosphere when guests are dancing. All lighting is computer controlled.
  • Digital animations are created for projector/plasma screen presentations based around your theme and wedding invitations.
  • Entertaining guests with party kits provided – 3x professional confetti effects used throughout reception (1st dance, Party mode and last dance)
  • Party kit includes  (up to 40 pieces – glo sticks x100, glitter hats x 10, black sunglasses x10, inflatable guitars x10, mics x 10, trophy x1) designed to create a memorable wedding reception.
  • All computer, video and sound equipment included
  • Post event work:
    Uploading the slideshows so the rest of the guests can see them again
    Upload your music playlist (ceremony, wedding breakfast and reception music)
    Further details: Spacebar Entertainment
  • Total labour spent on successful evening reception
  • Previsit:
    1hr driving at location – previsit
    1hr at location – meeting with you
    1hr driving back from location

    3 hrs – approximate email planning
    2 hrs. – music collection, compilation & purchase
    12 hrs. slideshow development
    2 hrs. computer graphic and menu creation

    On the day for a average evening reception
    3hrs – preparation, driving to location, setup (4pm to 7pm)
    4hrs – core hours (8pm to 12)
    2hrs – pack down, drive home

    Post production
    5 hrs. convert slideshows and export music playlists to upload to web

    Total: 36hours

*If part of photography pack or iphoto pack))

Extra quotes on request:
    Extended times (pre-7pm or post midnight
    Plasma screens
    Digital DJ setups
Please note: discounts applied when purchased with any of our other spacebar packs


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